Jane Dennehy Interior offers 1.5 hour home consultation offering expert advice on any of your design dilemmas, whilst pointing you in the right direction on how to tackle your project for €300.

• Colour scheme - creating flow & continuity throughout your home;
• How to arrange furniture and accessories;
• How to co ordinated your space;
• Room layout;
• How to hang pictures;
• How to create a focal point, artwork, wallpaper, paint colour etc.
• Lighting layout;
• How to dress your windows;
• Flooring suggestions;
• Finishing touches;
• Advice on kitchen design and layout;
• Advice on bathroom design and layout;
• Reliable trades people;
• Where to source items;

Please call to make an appointment: 087 2153958

For larger projects, such as project management, selecting fabric/wallpapers, make up of curtains and blinds, sourcing furniture and lighting, rooms make overs etc. please contact me directly to discuss your project.